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Why Choose
Solrctra Smart Power Solutions?

We are a company that specializes in solar and home automation solutions. We have:

  • More than 5 years of experience in the industry, serving hundreds of satisfied customers across the country.

  • A team of  skilled technicians who can install and maintain your solar and home automation systems with professionalism and efficiency.

  • A portfolio of successful projects that showcase our expertise and quality of work.



We offer:

  • High-quality and affordable solar panels that can reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint.

  • Smart home devices that can automate and optimize your home environment, such as thermostats, lights, security cameras, and more.

  • Customized and flexible installation and maintenance services that suit your needs and preferences.

  • Expert and friendly customer support that can answer your questions and resolve your issues.

We also offer variable frequency drive (VFD) solutions for industrial motors. A VFD is a device that can control the speed and torque of a 3-phase motor by varying the frequency of the AC supply12This can improve the efficiency, performance, and lifespan of your motor, as well as reduce energy consumption and noise34. We can help you choose the best VFD for your application, install it, and provide after-sales service.

We are passionate about making your home and business more comfortable, convenient, and sustainable. Contact us today and let us help you transform your home and business with solar, home automation, and VFD.

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