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A One Stop Power Solution

Our company provides a wide range of solutions at one place. All types of services related to Solar Energy, Home Automation and VFD(Drives) are available at one place. All types of power management and power saving products are provided related to your home and industries.

Our Services

Our Services

Our company works on Smart Power Solutions. We specialize in selling and servicing power saving and smart power management products.

Home Automation

Home automation is a smart technology, which is useful in using the electrical appliances in your home or office with ease. By sitting at one place, you can manage the electrical equipment by mobile or remote.

Solar Power Solutions

Solar based electricity is made using the light and energy received from the sun. Electricity generated from solar power plant is very cheap and pollution free. This is a smart way to generate electricity for yourself. That is, one-time investment and long-term benefit only.

Domestic and Industrial Drives

VFD is a better technology for power saving. Because of vfd, the machine runs smoothly using less power. At the same time, due to the use of VFD, the life of the machine also increases.

Our Projects

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