What we have

Solar Agriculture Pump

Solar agriculture pump is a very beneficial product for farmer brothers. This system works without a power connection, from getting good sunlight in the morning to having good sunlight in the evening. We have both AC and DC systems available. 


Alternative Solar Energy Solution

This solar pump is of good quality which provides very good amount of water.

Features and Benefits.....

  • Works in good sun from morning to evening.

  • Maintenance of this system is very low.

  • AC system also can work with grid.

  • Return of investment in 3-5 years.

  • 25 years of generation warranty.

  • 5 year of total system warranty.

System Includes.....

  • Solar Panels of top Indian/ International Brands, Like: Vikram/Waarree/Adani/Canadian etc.

  • Pump and Controller of top Indian Brands Like: Shakti, TATA, Falcon, Amrut Power etc.

  • G.I. type structure.

  •  Accessories Like Cables, L.A., Earthing and other electrical accessories.