Off-Grid System

The off-grid system is a battery-based system that charges from both solar and grid. It does not export electricity to the grid like the on-grid system. This system is installed where there is more power cut or no electricity connection. This system is more beneficial in rural areas. This system puts solar on priority. Takes electricity from the grid when solar is absent. When both solar and grid are absent, it supplies the battery.

Features and Benefits.....

  • This system is costlier than on-grid system.

  • Maintenance of this system is higher then on-grid system due to battery.

  • Battery is used for power savings.

  • Return of investment in 5-7 years.

  • 25 years of generation warranty.

  • 3-5 Years of battery warranty.

System Includes.....

  • Solar Panels of top Indian/ International Brands, Like: Vikram/Waarree/Adani/Canadian etc.

  • Solar Inverter of top Indian/International Brands, Like: Luminous, UTL etc.

  • Battery Brands Like: Luminous, Okaya, UTL.

  • G.I. type structure.

  •  Accessories Like Cables, L.A., Earthing and other electrical accessories.