What we have

Hybrid System

The solar hybrid system is a combination of the on-grid system and the off-grid system. This system is installed on the one where power is always needed. When the electricity comes from the grid, it works like the on-grid system.

Alternative Solar Energy Solution

When there is no grid, it works like off-grid. When the grid is not there, the export stops, but this system gives electricity from solar, so that some necessary equipment can run.

Features and Benefits.....

  • This system is costlier than on-grid system.

  • Maintenance of this system is higher then on-grid system due to battery.

  • Battery is used for power savings.

  • Return of investment in 5-7 years.

  • 25 years of generation warranty.

  • 3-5 Years of battery warranty.

System Includes.....

  • Solar Panels of top Indian/ International Brands, Like: Vikram/Waarree/Adani/Canadian etc.

  • Solar Inverter of top Indian/International Brands, Like:KSolare, UTL etc.

  • Battery Brands Like: Luminous, Okaya, UTL.

  • G.I. type structure.

  •  Accessories Like Cables, L.A., Earthing and other electrical accessories.

  • Wifi for Remote monitoring.