What we have

Home Power Pack

Solar power pack is a smart solution for small requirements. Very useful for small needs like small shops, lorry, small cabin or small guard room. This system is used where one or two bulbs or one or two fans are required. This is the whole DC system.

Alternative Solar Energy Solution

This system consists of charger port, bulb port, fan port. Which charges the battery with solar and supplies power in the absence of solar.

Features and Benefits.....

  • This system is cos is very low.

  • Maintenance of this system is low.

  • Battery is used for power savings.

  • Best Use for small needs.

  • 2 years system warranty.

  • easy to move from one place to another.

System Includes.....

  • Solar Panels.

  • Charge Controller.

  • Battery.

  • DC Bulb, DC Fan included.

  •  Accessories Like Cables, Connectors.